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Malta Vineyards

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Malta Vineyards

Malta & Wine

like all malta Mediterranean led to the vine Climate: January 9.15° , febuary 9°, March 10° to 16 °, April 12° , May 15° t9 18° , June19° to 27° , Juillet 21° to 30° , August 22° to 27° , September 20° , October 17° to 23 °, November14° , December 11° to 16°

The Archipelago is located on 35.50 ° North and 14.35 East , located at 93 km south og sicily and 290 km of the African Coasts it spans 316 km² the country has a total of 196.8 km more ribs 56 km of Gozo it is composed of three five island are inhabited. Malta altitude 200 - 100m Area 246 km² 27 to 14.5 , Gozo 67 km² 15.5 to 7.2 Comino 3.7 km² .

Varieties in Malta are: ghirgentina white, Gellewza mammolo, have nothing of quality but have beenintroduced to their Yields Quality , Maltesse wines are now elaborated with Chardonnay , Merlot , Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, and Petit Verdot.The sole is made of limestone, coveredwith a layer of clay and sand.

There is no moutain on malta or river or forest , The landscape is characterized by hills rather dry an terraced fields , a legacy of the Arab period , the highest point is the set of Ta Zuta 253 m , the average altitude is 120 m however the Côtesoffers diverse views Whatever there are sandy beaches , natural harbors the most famous are the major port and Marsaxmett , and Valletta, Bays coves cliffs , coves and caves rocky beaches with large flat stones are alsonice , stairs are sometimes built into the rock.

Viticulture Malta has origins as old as prestigious .Introduced by the Phoenicians developed by the Greeks and Romans , sleep during the Muslin occupation, she regained its luster with the arrival of knights of St John of Jerusalem .But the British did pull the vine substitute for cotton and the phylloxera epidemic began to hurt the quality of the wines of Malta.

Historians believe that the vine and the wine were introduced in Malta by the Phoenicians around 800 BC , Greeks settled on the site of the present Medina in the eight century BCE and the islands peacefully shared with the phonecians .Malta then became a colony of Carthage - 480 ,.In favor of the Punic wars , it passed under the control of the Romans in 218 BC to the collapse of the Roman empire in 395 .To 445 , it undergoes the occupation of the Vandals to 477 and that Ostrogoths .Then Passed under the control of the Eastern Roman Empire , it remained Byzantine until its conquest by the Arabs .Vines declined during the muslim occupation until yhe arrival of the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem who brought culture techniques Europe .Olivier de Serres describes a vine growing on by haughty landlessness.

Growing wines on pergola as it was praticed in malta int the seventeenth century , the island of malta has gardens with productive and although there is often topsoil that we will carry on Sicily vessels.vines and orange share these beautiful gardens. Oranges are in Boxes, or better expressed in collections formed by stone slabs, a groove is formed in the thickness of the tiles , for arrosements . All along the aisles , several meters away , stood pillars or columns of stone , slabs that form the collections above are the base .Above the pillars are pieces of wood , which join the aisles .In this framework , we put trellises which extend the vines we planted at the foot of each pillar or column, and provide in sequence a pleasant covered. These queues orange , these pillars clad with verdure ande the long went crowned a useful shade , make these picturesque gardens and produce the effect of

decorations we admire in our theaters.

Malta's entry into the Europen Union has pushed Maltesse producers to plant new vines drip irrigated to produce wine only from grapes Malta .Importing wine grapes and wine of Italy to be vinified in Malta lasted until the 1980 .In the mid 2000 , 630 hectoliters of wine were vinified .The vignard cover 490 hectares ,600 hectarees of the 31 pf the islands , but about 70% of production is still provided by grapes Girgentina ,Gellewza

Malta Vineyards
Malta Vineyards
Malta Vineyards
Malta Vineyards
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There are some vineyards on Malta and Gozo and there are some superb wines made there. I think the leading wineries for locally grown wines are Marsovin, Meridiana and Delicata -- who also makes very rare wines from indigenous Maltese varieties.