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The Lafayette Grape

Publié le par Philippe Josse


The Grape of French Origin

The Origin Genetic is not verified but it would be a crossing of varieties , Madeleine Royal & Precose Malingre

Moreau Robert marketing plants from 1863 . He presented this as the earliest variety .Madeleine Angevine was often used by breeders for early varieties , Madeleine Angevine served as progenitors for contessa varieties , forta , Noblessa , Pearl Czabah Reichensteiner and Siegerrbe ,

The Madeleine Angevine is achieved by sowing Oberlin .His name is reference to the maturity relatively eatrly in Sainte Madeleine july 22 , The Madeleine Angevine is Known under the names of Chasselas Talhouet, Korai magda, Maddalena Angevina, Madlen An¨zevin, Magdalenka Skora , Magdalina Anzhuiskaya, Magitszölö,

Petrovskii clusters are small to medium sized berries are large .

The cluster is Cylindrical and compact .end of the young branch fluffy white edged carmine . Young leaves downy , yellowish white.

Adult leaves 5 lobed , lateral sinus with concave bottoms, a lyre shaped petiolar sinus open , teeth ogival medium araneous a limb pubescent , Madeleine Angevine grape is the result of a ceoss early Malingre x Madeleine Royal grape variety is obtained Moreu Robert 1845 ,

The genetic origin is verified and it would be a seedling Chasselas grape variety permited in Britain and Belgium,

It is cultivated :

Argentina,France, Austria, and Switzerland.

Not to be confused with Common Chavagnac Lafayette Upper Loire, Who is a french town which is not located in a geographical area of production of wine appelation .


Cavaniac Lafayette between Clermont Ferrant and Le Puy en Velay near the RN 102 .

Dependant on the arrondissement Brioude , it is part of Livradois Forez and the Community of the Town of Paulhaguet . 

Altitude Between 620 and 1046 m , Located in a moutain area on the territory of green lentils from Le Puy en Velay . Area 841 ha by crossing two streams ( the Chavignac , the Lidenne)

Administratively , Chavignac Lafayette is a small village in the center of France , in the departement of Haute Loire 43 of the Auvergne region , The Village of Chavagnac Lafayette belong to the district of the canton of Brioude Paulhaguet . It is postal code is 43230 .

A Botanical Museum grouping forty seven old vines used at the beginning of the last century , Visit by appointment only about 1.30 , Groups all year by appointment , Road Chazieux 43380 Saint Ilpize Haute Loire Place of Old Mills 433380 La Voute Chilhac.

omce used by the winemakers of st Ilpize Through this initiative , the memory of a town rich in Terrace formerly  covered by vines still alive .Certanly . Affirm that the nectar produced by Ilpidiens was a geat wine is a little far -fetched , however many barrels were shipped via the Alier River, andd could even reach .Paris , is the Phylloxera , so aphid enjoying a ravage the vineyards , which forced growers to abandon production , to the chagrin of some fans who is now trying to put the grapevine up to date in the country will therefore be round the side of the museum countries located north west of the departement of Haute Loire , south of the Auvergne region , In the gorges of the Allier , the village of Lavoûte Chilhac is about halfway between Old and Laneac Brioude , Late Gorges de l'Allier , early Limagne

The Lafayette Grape
The Lafayette Grape
The Lafayette Grape
The Lafayette Grape
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